Bronze Die Gluten Free Spaghetti La Molisana 12 oz


Bring the satisfying tradition to your home with our Italian food.


Spaghetti are perhaps the most famous symbol of authentic Italian cooking traditions. This is why La Molisana has created this format also in the gluten-free version, dedicated not only to the intolerant but also to those who prefer a low gluten content diet.

La Molisana Gluten Free Spaghetti N. 15 are nutritious and digestible, with a tenacious and appetizing consistency, combining the intense taste and well-being that comes from a mix of brown rice, corn and quinoa. The precious bronze drawing procedure makes the Spaghetti porous ang great to be accompanied with various condiments, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with the aim of delighting the palate and satisfying the needs of gourmets.

Celebrate the love of good food with a delicious plate of gluten-free Spaghetti: lightness and authenticity with a unique Italian taste.

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Producer: La Molisana

The story of one of the biggest pasta factories in Italy

This is not just a mere pasta, this is the story of a Family that, for 4 generations and over a hundred years, has been carefully selecting and grinding only the finest varieties of wheat, the story of a land that, thanks to its unquestionably excellent, exclusive characteristics, is the perfect place for bringing a unique, exquisite pasta to life.

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