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If you have celiac disease, you must stop eating all sources of gluten for life. Your symptoms will return if you eat foods containing gluten, and it will cause long-term damage to your health.

Cutting out gluten from your diet may seem like a difficult and limiting task. Fortunately, Here is Thenewbutler.com and many healthy and delicious foods that are gluten-free.

Improve the life quality of the Human Beings and the Planet, spreading the culture of a gluten-free diet to create wellness, with tasty and quality products.
Gluten-free nutrition is essential for our health, so let’s pay the right attention so it.
My company considers Taste and Health necessarily very Important.
This is why at Thenewbutler.com we make sure that eating gluten-free is a pleasure.
We import from Italy the best gluten-free food and we are sponsor of National Celiac Association.
Trust, experience, love of good food. Add to this that punch of passion that makes all good thanks grow.
Mix it all up and Thenewbutler.com is born.



Naturally gluten-free flours

We are specialized in the products of high-quality gluten-free, lactose-free flour and other mixtures, realized starting from scrupulously selected natural and equally gluten-free raw materials.
All our ingredients – carefully selected among the very best in Italy and the European Union – are strictly and naturally gluten-free, obtained from rice, cornstarch, potato, buckwheat, and/or teff grain flours.
We are FDA, BRC, IFS, VEGAN, BIO (ORGANIC), KOSHER, ISO 9001 CERTIFIED, because of having achieved the Italian Health Ministry Special Authorization for the production of “gluten-free” products.
Our company prides itself as being the purveyor to the best bakeries and several other related manufacturing industries. As well, we supply our bakery products to supermarkets and food specialty stores.
Please, visit our website – and, do not hesitate to contact us for more information: we shall be delighted to examine your special request.
Why not make a “check out test” with our products?

You can find our food in Whole Foods and in DeCicco Stores and in Eataly NY.

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